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Part H. P. Lovecraft and part Alien, Ironheart is the story of what happens when the mining ship Canary comes across a strange derelict on the edge of the galaxy–a derelict occupied by a strange woman, a woman who cannot possibly exist but does….

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The Unkillables

Gash-Eye already thought life was hard, as the Neanderthal slave to a band of Cro-Magnons. Then zombies attacked, wiping out nearly everyone she knows and separating her from the Jaw, her half-breed son. Now she fights to keep the last remnants of her former captors alive. Meanwhile, the Jaw and his father try to survive […]

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Hey look, it's a blog!

J. Boyett holds forth.

ZOMBIES VS. CAVEMEN! An excerpt from The Unkillables.

Hey there! In the interests of, well, self-promotion, I’m posting an excerpt from my novel The Unkillables (available on Amazon at ) A couple of years ago a friend’s novel had just been published by Permuted Press, and she told me that if I could write a zombie novel with a halfway-original idea, they […]

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The rhetorical gamble of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (with spoilers).

Neither my brother nor my fiancĂ©e care for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. My dad, who watched a couple episodes after hearing me talk about it, seems to appreciate the absurd and comical aspects of the show (they remind him of Gilligan’s Island, I think), but can’t take the dramatic elements seriously. I think the stumbling […]

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A Meating of the Minds, or, Who Minds the Meat?

So I’m continuing to re-post stories that have been previously published here on my blog, because, you know, why not? This one originally appeared in November 2010 in the online magazine Sensitive Skin. A Meating of the Minds, or, Who Minds the Meat? J. Boyett My lover and I decided to stop using our bodies. […]

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