Genre: Horror

The Unkillables

Gash-Eye already thought life was hard, as the Neanderthal slave to a band of Cro-Magnons. Then zombies attacked, wiping out nearly everyone she knows and separating her from the Jaw, […]

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The Little Mermaid: A Horror Story

Brenna has an idyllic life with her heroic, dashing boyfriend, Mark the lifeguard. She knows it’s only natural that other girls would have crushes on the guy. But there’s something different about the young girl he’s rescued, who seemed to appear in the sea out of nowhere–a young girl with strange powers, who will stop at nothing to have Mark for herself.

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The Victim (and Other Short Plays)

In “The Victim,” April wants Grace to help her prosecute the guys who raped them years before. The only problem is, Grace doesn’t remember things that way….

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